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Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training
Tara has devoted herself to this study, traveling the country and the world, following top yoga masters, and mentoring a world-class training in Bali in order to create one of the most comprehensive and valuable yoga teacher trainings found anywhere. Other amazing yoga artists specializing in specific schools of yoga will also join and bring their knowledge to share.
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Empowering YOU to live the life you deserve

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Tara Nolan, Transformation Specialist, Life-Lover and Yogini, guides female entrepreneurs to a higher level of empowerment in their business and life. Whether you have an existing business or a a dream to manifest, Tara’s coaching will help you to clarify your dharma, or life purpose, particularly as it relates to your calling in business — and then monetize it to bring meaningful financial return.

Your heart will break wide open to uncover your true desires, so you can live a life in alignment with your soul. It’s inevitable that the work will go deeper into life to discover what’s holding you back, including blocks to financial abundance, often relevant in relationships as well. This is a holistic approach to business from both a practical and spiritual sense — – all to create great success and fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Life is an adventure, not to be missed, even for a moment. Be a rebel and live life the way you truly want to live, according to your rules. Now, that’s freedom! – Tara Nolan


Coaching Testimonials

Tara is an exceptional coach and leader - she's kind, funny and generous, but also willing to ask the important questions to help clients decide what they want and how to create it.  I've known Tara personally for over ten years, and not only is she an amazing coach, but she walks the walk and applies her knowledge in her own life, giving her rich experience to further be a source of light for others. Can't recommend her trainings, retreats or coaching offerings enough! - Kellie Lin Knott, CEO of Wild Abundant Living & Singer/Songwriter

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Latest from Instagram

  • When you have a monkey on your back...always embrace it!!! 🐒 
This term “monkey on my back” can be used towards something that we want to let loose of or an annoyance. It can be derogatory, and even used towards addiction. 
Embrace the monkey! 🐵 Why? How? Embrace the challenges? Because adding shame or frustration only adds a problem on top of another problem. Hence, we can’t let go because we are plagued and driven back to the same behavior. 
In all honesty and full disclosure, I have my own monkeys. An as per the photo, there are times my daughter shows up to ride on my back during yoga, and I don’t really want her there because I want to do my practice as “me time.” (She is my joy, my heart, my sunshine, but sometimes I just want to practice yoga without the monkey on my back.) But embracing each and every moment she wants to be with me allows both of us to enjoy a happier, more content, fulfilled life...because it’s about finding gratitude for what you have rather than what you don’t. 
This shift in perspective, finding more gratitude each and every day, leads to finding more gratitude and more gratitude. A new way of wiring the brain. - and this is what creates a change in behavior, a better opportunity to let go of unwanted behavior. Not shame or guilt, but embracing what’s there and even being grateful. 🙏🏻 😮 perspective = opportunity for 😃💓
  • Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows. - Helen Keller
  • 2 Small Shifts That Continue to Shape My Life:
#This hat kinda says it all! “Up North” in the’s where I wanna be! At one time, I felt called to be here, even though it didn’t seem to make any sense. 
The most powerful thing about “up north Wisconsin” might be the beauty of nature, or it could be the people, but I think what it really is...mindset! 
Just being in this energy brings me calm, spirit, fun, joy, ease. It’s an “up north state of mind.” That connection makes it easier for me to access gratitude each and every day. 
Where is your “up north?” Or if you’re in this area, do you feel it the same way? 
I’m grateful for the balance it brings me. The city life and busy corporate business woman in me enjoyed the culture, diversity, and food and and I always will...but then there was a point, when it was too much...too much stimulation, too much push, too much hectic. 
I will always love both. ❤️ But I made the changes my soul was calling for. And now I’m here...for a while anyway...exactly where I’m meant to be. 
I truly believe you are exactly where YOU are meant to be also. Even if it’s transition or a challenging time of leading you to what’s next. 
What I’ve learned: 
1. Appreciate the blessings you have today. 
2. And always, listen to the soul’s calling. 🌟🙌💕🦋💗☄️
  • Photo is from this morning’s yoga. 
Savasana - a time of peace, release, connection to self. The closing of the  yoga asana practice. 
We release manifestations of emotion in the cellular tissue to ease. When the barriers come down, all that is left is our true essence. 
It is in this moment we connect with who we really are. 🙌💗 As the practice of the day ends, this is where transformation begins. 🦋

#tnolanyoga #tnolantransformationcoaching

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