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Life is an adventure, not to be missed, even for a moment. Be a rebel and live life the way you truly want to live, according to your rules. Now, that's freedom! That's what yoga can bring you!

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  • Guess how old?! Celebrating the most amazing love in the world! Happy Birthday Leela 🌹 Rose! 
You are more than amazing and fantastic...you are my biggest blessing imaginable! 💕
  • We followed our paddle board excursion with a nighttime skinny-dip! What’s life all about anyway...if it isn’t about living in the moment?! I love this little girl’s spirit...it was all her idea. 
We can learn a lot from the happy fun attitude from children. 
We are born with possibilities to create any life, feel and share love, experience joy, feel the bad stuff but recover quickly, know we have a right to abundance and let it be our mission to share joy and giggles. 
Never too old to learn! Thank you Leela for being my teacher every day! ❤️

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