Transformation Life Coaching
Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training
Tara has devoted herself to this study, traveling the country and the world, following top yoga masters, and mentoring a world-class training in Bali in order to create one of the most comprehensive and valuable yoga teacher trainings found anywhere. Other amazing yoga artists specializing in specific schools of yoga will also join and bring their knowledge to share.
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Empowering YOU to live the life you deserve

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Tara Nolan, Transformation Specialist, Life-Lover and Yogini, guides female entrepreneurs to a higher level of empowerment in their business and life. Whether you have an existing business or a a dream to manifest, Tara’s coaching will help you to clarify your dharma, or life purpose, particularly as it relates to your calling in business — and then monetize it to bring meaningful financial return.

Your heart will break wide open to uncover your true desires, so you can live a life in alignment with your soul. It’s inevitable that the work will go deeper into life to discover what’s holding you back, including blocks to financial abundance, often relevant in relationships as well. This is a holistic approach to business from both a practical and spiritual sense — – all to create great success and fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Life is an adventure, not to be missed, even for a moment. Be a rebel and live life the way you truly want to live, according to your rules. Now, that’s freedom! – Tara Nolan


Coaching Testimonials

Tara is an exceptional coach and leader - she's kind, funny and generous, but also willing to ask the important questions to help clients decide what they want and how to create it.  I've known Tara personally for over ten years, and not only is she an amazing coach, but she walks the walk and applies her knowledge in her own life, giving her rich experience to further be a source of light for others. Can't recommend her trainings, retreats or coaching offerings enough! - Kellie Lin Knott, CEO of Wild Abundant Living & Singer/Songwriter

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Latest from Instagram

  • Leela had a fun weekend at the water park with her new “best friends.” 💗 
I love finding the balance in times as a mama watching this happy girl delight in life, mixed with time for me to sneak away and get in some yoga and get my hair done, a great dinner out with all the girls and even a little adult time. 💕

Following a great trip...Happy to be home!
  • Being in Sedona always brings me to a place of connection to Source. It feels like the land is somehow magical and the Earths energy is amplified. 
After my conference, I needed some time to rejuvenate and reflect. “Me time” - some people call it.... but I know this is what I need to be give more to others. Taking care of myself replenishes me so I can be a better mother, a better coach to my clients and just a better person to all the people I love. ❤️ And yes...that’s the spa! 🙏🏻
  • Day 1 - Coaching conference in Phoenix- Empowering myself to empower others! 
Morning Take-Aways:
Go after the lifestyle you want to live! ☀️💃🏼
Fall in love ❤️ with the process along the way, not the destination, not the money. 💰
  • Japanese Yam Sushi 🍣 bowl...complete with Nori (seaweed), quinoa rice blend, sambal-rice-vinegar-marinated cucumbers, and vegan lime aioli.... Are you kidding me?! On a Sunday in the Northwoods?! - Thanks again @purplecarrotxo for making my life better!! 😋💕

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