Life Coaching


What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching allows you to work towards achieving goals in life, career, relationship and overall happiness and success.  Work is done to discover what would bring the greatest fulfillment to living your best life.

What holds us back from living our best life?  For some, its fear, for others, its time management. For yet others, its an inability to prioritize goals.  And for many, its just a matter of not knowing where to begin.

Life coaching can help point you in the right direction, help you define your goals, discover what your personal obstacles and barriers are, and give you a different perspective on things.  Why waste another day being stuck?

You are the driver of the bus, and your own life manager.  Your coach is the tour guide to help you stay focused on the present, stay focused on the desired outcome, and stay focused on moving forward, toward the end result.

Coaching is not therapy.  You are a whole and complete person; capable of anything you want in your life.  Coaching just helps you to figure out how.

Unlike therapy, we don’t look back at your life to see why you are who you are.  We don’t think about the past in life coaching, we focus on the future.  It is simply looking at where you want to be, what your goals are, what you want out of your life, and then focus on how to get you there.

Video Testimonials

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Tara is an exceptional coach and leader - she's kind, funny and generous, but also willing to ask the important questions to help clients decide what they want and how to create it.  I've known Tara personally for over ten years, and not only is she an amazing coach, but she walks the walk and applies her knowledge in her own life, giving her rich experience to further be a source of light for others. Can't recommend her trainings, retreats or coaching offerings enough!
- Kellie Lin Knott, CEO of Wild Abundant Living & Singer / Songwriter 

Teaching yoga helped me to find my voice. Before this, I was terrified to speak, even in a small group. My heart would start beating fast and I would lose track of my thoughts. I have gained clarity on my life and confidence in who I am. Now, I'm unapologetically myself.

Heidi, Professional Yogi

I used to be so depressed. Now, I am off all of my pills! I’m moving on and releasing old ways of thinking. Things happen in my life in a better way now. It’s like I’m out of the warp.

I have learned to better control my thoughts. I still have tears, but I know how to feel it and move through it.

You are my guru and an inspirational part of my life. I feel like I comfortable, grounded and connected.

I’m happier and I now have a good sex life! And that’s a very good thing!

I’m free and in a better zone. I feel much more comfortable in my life. I feel happier.

Many times things come up and I remember what you said, inspiring me on the mat and in my life. I remember I don’t have to be the best, but I’m trying and I’m doing it. I remember bursting into tears knowing new things were possible and feeling like I am actually getting younger.

I was looking for love and all of a sudden, with your coaching, everything started changing. How did that happen?! I learned I to ask for what I want in my life. - Ongoing Coaching Client & Yoga Student, Anonymous, 60-something