Public Speaking

Transformation specialist, pleasure-seeker, life-lover & world traveling yogi-mama, Tara Nolan shares inspiration and knowledge to live life on purpose. With her baby Leela on her hip, she travels the world hosting retreats and trainings, from Tulum, Mexico to Ubud, Bali. She lives life according to her own rules and embodies the message that anything is possible. Certified RYT-500, Teacher Trainer & Yoga Life Coach, she believes that when you live according to your own personal truth, you emit strength and beauty from within and become unstoppable. In an event with Tara, you may laugh and cry, while she encourages you to enjoy the journey.

Public Speaking, specializing in Women's Empowerment

Find Freedom in Your Life

Tara inspires you to live a life that is in line with your true purpose and allows you to let go of fear and pain to create more space for love and fulfillment. Let go of the inner struggle that plagues you with great pain, stopping you from living with greater light. She believes in living from intention and being the personal creative designer of your own life.

Women, Food & Spirituality

Tara inspires you to optimal health of body, mind and spirit as you change your way of thinking and doing by eating for nourishment. She will go over the benefits of raw foods and what it means to have living enzymes, vegan options and how you can find radiance from your food to your cellular tissue to the most radiant YOU!