Yoga Retreats


Do you need time for yourself? Do you want to live happier and healthier but not sure where to even start? Are you trying to figure out was to make a change but there isn't even time to think about it before you too exhausted to think? Are you constantly giving so much of you that there doesn't feel like there is any left to give? Do you want to get away but you're not sure where to go or who to go with? Do you long for fun that rejuvenates you rather than exhausting you? Has yoga ever given you that sense of what you need, even for the rare moments you can make it there?

I remember that same yearning when I was in corporate America. And I get the same yearning now as the single mom of a two-year-old. I have felt all of these at different times in my life. Then I had an amazing wake-up on my life journey. I found yoga retreats as a great way to travel alone, have the independence to be selfish with my time, yet still connect with beautiful like-minded people.

After traveling to worldwide retreats, trainings, spas, transformation programs and life-changing "anything," I had frustration over programs that simply weren't fun, when I was using my vacation time to do so. Yet, I wanted more than a vacation. I wanted an impact on my life.

I developed my own retreats that cater to transformation, cultural immersion and serious fun and relaxation! I choose locations that specifically have spiritual energy or are considered vortex points in our world. I organize the retreat to include the opportunity to immerse yourself in health of body, mind and spirit through morning yoga, mediation and healthy eating, combined with group life coaching/empowerment sessions, and time for you to go out and enjoy what the specific area has to offer as part of the group or on your own (or not!).

Retreats are limited to give personal attention to each attendee and keep an intimate, high-end experience.

Bali Yoga Retreat

April 28th - May 5th, 2018
Soulshine Resort


I love the way that Tara brings her wisdom to a group in a meaningful and caring way, but also with her own unique spirit and weaves in out and back again to her common goal of enlightenment. I have Tara to add to my personal “grateful” list.

Kathleen - Manages Family Home and Business Investments, Yoga Retreat Attendee

Thank you for coming into my universe and sharing the gift. You are beyond the best instructor I’ve taken from. You are truly the instrument to help guide me to a better me.

Lisa - Interior Design Professional, Yoga Retreat Attendee

You’ve inspired me in many ways. The most obvious is my commitment to give myself the gift of the physical yoga on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents here. Beyond the physical, you explicit beauty, warmth, grace, inspiration, intelligence, generosity, and a wonderful spirit. You demonstrate how to live a disciplined life while staying true to your free spirit.

Dee - Real Estate Consultant, Yoga Retreat Attendee

I am back home and it was a wonderful homecoming. I feel really psychically sensitive, things look and feel different, completely different. I have not felt this way since I came home from India a decade ago. Again, I want to extend my deepest gratitude for making this retreat happen. You have most profoundly changed my life with the coaching. I am fearful of the changes in the future but I am going to work through that and I feel an indelible sense of relief that I have you in my life and that I can rely on you as a life coach. I need to make my dreams a reality.

Karen - Project Manager, Toronto, Canada