Transformative Yoga

Finding transformation in body, mind and spirit

tara-nolan-transformative-yoga-214x300While Tara specializes in transformative vinyasa, she has a passion to make yoga accessible to every body. Choose what is right for you or contact her for a private session or consultation.

Yoga can give you a beautiful body, but more importantly, it can give you a beautiful life.

In Tara’s classes, vinyasa yoga is set to fun music to keep you flowing through poses to strengthen and stretch the muscles, while detoxifying the organs.

Warning: With continual practice, you will see changes occur. These classes are known to inspire you to higher levels in your life! You will most likely free your mind from stress, open up to new possibilities and attain a more optimistic way of thinking. It is also quite possible you will show up in the world in a more loving way, bringing greater kindness and spreading joy. Want more of this? Try a retreat!

Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Gentle Flow, Beginner’s Yoga, Restorative Poses, Meditation, Pranayama (mindful breathing)

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